Thursday, June 28, 2007

Creative Talks: Eric Steuer on Reusable Culture

I'm really looking forward to Eric Steuer's presentation on reusable culture. He'll look at ways that people around the world contribute to and draw from the massive pool of creative work on the Web to expand the worlds of art, education, and science. Eric is the creative director of Creative Commons, where he develops the organization's media and culture projects. He's also a contributing editor for Wired magazine, where he's written about the implications of digital culture on music and the concept of the "Infinite Album," whereby one album becomes a long shelf of songs and products, each carrying its own release date, distribution path, and price tag. A co-founder of Sneakmove Recordings, Eric is also a member of Meanest Man Contest, a hip-hop group with upcoming releases on Plug Research and Gold Robot Records.

Creative Talks is a forum for LA area designers to meet, get inspired, and learn from each other. It's free and open to the public - just be sure to RSVP on upcoming.
Wednesday, July 11 at Yahoo!
2450 Broadway, Santa Monica, California 90404
Snacks and socializing starts at 7:00pm. The talk is from 7:30 to 8:30pm.

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